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id’s story

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The best coffee comes from people who care about coffee, Chester does.

Ideaology was birthed from a café that was going through a hard time, where young Chester took over on an impulse.

Though specialty coffee didn’t have a moment back in Hong Kong 2006, Chester was the pioneer of specialty coffee industry in the city of Hong Kong. He started exploring the art of coffee-making in Taiwan. Soon after, he strived to develop his local coffee destination for serious coffee lovers, battling against thousands of coffee chains and cha chaan tengs.

Experiencing coffee beyond drinking: Specialty coffee-crazed people do not only find the sensory enjoyment it brings, but also the incredible journey behind each sip of brews that cannot be missed. The pursuit of great coffee is somehow like pursuing a belief. We take our coffee seriously: from seed to cup. Every bean is processed under strict control through planting, fermentation, roasting and brewing.

People always perceive specialty coffee as hard to make but the truth is that great coffee brewing doesn’t have to be complicated, if you know how.

Being an international champion roaster and café owner, Chester is living out his passion as an educator by inspiring more people to explore the wonderful coffee world, opening their coffee noses to new experiences and figuring out their best fit flavour. We believe drinking coffee is much more than merely a chill, it’s a respect towards people who work to provide us with the finest coffees.

Good coffee is simple! And accessible.’ Garnered a title of the first local authorized SCAE trainer, Chester is working hard to bring a great cup of Ideaology coffee into peoples’ lives.

Think of coffee, think of Ideaology!