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What makes Specialty Coffee special?

Specialty coffee refers to beans with unique flavour profiles. It also guarantees quality through all stages of coffee production from seed to cup.

The journey of coffee beans

Bean selection

Ideaology thoughtfully sources exceptional coffee that has scored over 88 points on a 100 point scale by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), including award-winning and rare beans. A wide selection of highly-scored single origin coffee beans from Africa, Central & South America and Asia is offered. The different growing region gives the coffee a specific flavour and characteristic.


Roasted by our own lauded roasters, Ideaology is dedicated to provide customers with different freshly roasted coffee beans 7 days a week. We serve lightly and medium roasted beans at optimum, consistent and caramelized flavour. To ensure successful roasting, each roast is carefully monitored using Coffee Roasting Curve.

Roasting brings distinctive aroma and flavour to the beans. In general, coffee beans are considered having a peak flavour in between 7 to 21 days after roasting.


Cupping is crucial in the process of evaluating roasted beans and detecting possible defects before getting on shelves. Attributes like Aroma, Flavour, Aftertaste, Acidity and Body are assessed in cupping. We’re also proud to offer Ideaology crafted blends.

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